Secrets of Grand Central Terminal & Early New York

Lobby of the Grand Central Terminal.

Main Concourse of the Grand Central Terminal.

Who does a Sunday morning tour?  Anyone wanting to see Grand Central Terminal (Station). And it’s no wonder, you would never be able to get around so easily during a normal business day.

We learned about this great tour from some good friends and are so glad we hauled ourselves out of bed and out into the freezing weather – it was fantastic.

And fortunately for us, most of the tour was indoors.

Our tour guide, John, was excellent as he wove together the history of New York City.  He brought just the right balance of a historian’s knowledge and perspective, combined with a visitor’s sense of discovery and an insider’s wisdom.  He did a superb job of keeping it colorful and entertaining as he conveyed a tremendous amount of information to a wide assortment of ages, tourists and even a few locals. My group of three included one local and one who used to live in NYC and we all agreed, we learned so much (and the info we did know, our guide was spot-on).

We explored the terminal from all angles, as well as the Art Deco showpiece lobby of the Chrysler building.  Our visit made it abundantly clear how often we take what’s around us for granted. We never knew the value of the opal clock in the main hall, the acoustical tricks near the Oyster Bar, the design intentions of the intuitive architecture, it was a Nazi’s target in WW2, or that the clocks inside are set a bit ahead to help people catch their trains on time . . .  and so much more.

Inside Info: I know these tours are billed as “free” but I do hope you tip well, because they deserve it; guides split any tips with their office. This company has lots of creative excursions and we will try another walking tour on our next visit to the city.  Explore options and book on-line:

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