Maximizing Luxury Travel


This charming enclave of The Met is housed in a re-constructed ensemble designed to resemble a medieval-era monastery on four acres in Fort Tryon Park.  Located in the Bronx, the lovely park runs along the Hudson, with views across the river of the New Jersey Palisades’ plateau, and is beautiful in the spring. The museum focuses on medieval art, architecture and gardens with the main focus on religious artifacts. It’s not large,… Read More

Yes, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.  No, it was not my idea. For the record, I do not like heights. But on a last-minute trip to NYC to visit our daughter, I got a bit outside my comfort zone. We began the outing by taking the East River Ferry (@ 34th St), to the East River State Park in the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn.  Williamsburg is a gentrified area very popular… Read More

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