A Perfect Day at the Beach for the Anti-Sunbathing Crowd

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There is a lot more you can do at the beach besides bake in the sun.  The Beach Walk on Miami Beach beckoned for one final call before the weather turns unbearably hot and sticky. I’ve written about this before, so won’t take space to expound, but will share a couple of shots from a fun afternoon escaping the realities of a routine day. Of course, it’s always fun to pick a spot along Ocean Drive for lunch and people watch while you cool off.


Craftsman Al, makes replica lifeguard stands, a perfect souvenir or just plain fun to have. Priced from $40 – $55, he can be found at the 17th Street entrance to the Beach Walk..



7 Comments on “A Perfect Day at the Beach for the Anti-Sunbathing Crowd

  1. Does anyone know if Craftsman AL has a Facebook page or a Telephone number? I am coming down in August and would like to get a few of his creations from him. Thanks for posting this article!

  2. Hi Chuck: I has emailed the Boardwalk org on Miami Beach (they permit folks like Al) to see if they have any contact info. I will let you know if I find out anything. He told me he was at that location every week, but in August you never know. – Karen

  3. I just heard back and, unfortunately, they do not have any of the contact info. good luck, – I hope he’s there when you visit!

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