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I’ve said it before – March and April are my two favorite months in Florida. I’ve never been one to lay out in the sun, but I do love to walk on the beach and the Beach Walk on Miami Beach is lovely this time of year. It can be quite breezy with riptides, migrating sharks, and loads of jellyfish, all good for keeping the beach a bit quieter as far as… Read More

I am super behind on this month’s seasonal photo challenges, but I figure better late than never. Nothing says summer to me like the lifeguard stands on Miami Beach, among my most favorite photo subjects. Sunny or cloudy it’s great to just people and wave-watch. I love to walk along the “boardwalk” with a camera in hand. I have boardwalk in quotes because part is paved. Of course, we are missing all… Read More

There is a lot more you can do at the beach besides bake in the sun.  The Beach Walk on Miami Beach beckoned for one final call before the weather turns unbearably hot and sticky. I’ve written about this before, so won’t take space to expound, but will share a couple of shots from a fun afternoon escaping the realities of a routine day. Of course, it’s always fun to pick a spot along… Read More