Spring Break on Miami Beach?

I’ve said it before – March and April are my two favorite months in Florida. I’ve never been one to lay out in the sun, but I do love to walk on the beach and the Beach Walk on Miami Beach is lovely this time of year. It can be quite breezy with riptides, migrating sharks, and loads of jellyfish, all good for keeping the beach a bit quieter as far as I’m concerned. In this year of Covid, I am wary of the expected onslaught of spring breakers and those seeking refuge from the months of lockdown and frigid northern temps. But, I get it and understand their need to escape, I just hope they behave once they’re here.

Miami Beach is redoing its Beach Walk, removing the old wooden portion and replacing it with a wider, paved walkway. Trees are being removed and new plantings focus on more native vegetation with a goal towards added shade. Work is still in progress, and to check it out before the crowds hit town, we headed over on a weekday. Quite a few of the lifeguard stands have also been replaced, still among my favorite things to photograph, providing a good example of pics in natural light for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #138.

Lots of washed up debris provides a home to colonies of small sea creatures.

11 Comments on “Spring Break on Miami Beach?

  1. I too have visited Miami in March and April. You’re right it is the best time to go!

  2. Colorful life guard huts, clean, breezy and just the right temps without humidity yet. Ocean sounds, sandy beaches and little creatures all make it so inviting this time of year!
    Thanks Karen🏖

  3. These are wonderful life guard huts, Karen. I’m delighted that you shared them with us. They are so unique and colorful.

  4. Love that beach shack… very Floridaesque. It’s nice to enjoy Florida before the sweltering heat starts.

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