From Road Hogs to Vettes.


Our final adventure of this road-trip was a tour of the Corvette plant and museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Early in the itinerary we got to see hundreds of thousands of Harleys, truly hogging the roads in the Black Hills.  Today was a more fitting comfort level for my husband, who is a Corvette-owner.

The one million square foot plant is where all Corvettes have been assembled since 1981 (earlier Vettes were put together in Dearborn MI and St. Louis, MO).  It was an interesting tour and fun to learn about some of the new features, like the in-car camera to record drives. The facility has the feel of organized chaos with conveyors running in all directions overhead, delivering car parts to various sectors of the plant.  They were on target for completing 160 cars that day; 10 were finished during our tour.   Every Vette is pre-ordered and paid for in advance.


Roy Orbison's Vette.

Roy Orbison’s Vette.

The museum was nice; way more historical detail about Corvettes than I need to know. The most interesting part to me was seeing the area where the sinkhole claimed 8 cars a couple of years ago.  In a classic example of turning lemons into lemonade, the museum has created a detailed interactive exhibit and displayed the 8 damaged cars, or what was left of them-not much.

The cute Corvette Café proved to be a good spot for lunch before heading home.

4,400 miles since we headed across the country, we were back in our own bed.

For your next travel adventure, see the USA!

IMG_7332Sidebar:  You can book the plant tour and museum visit on-line ($16 combo ticket). Be sure to allow ample time to park, the tour entry is at least ¼ mile from the parking area. You cannot take anything into the plant – no camera, phone, purse, backpack, etc. – nada. You need to wear closed shoes and don’t need to worry about a jacket, it was on the warm side.   

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