The Battle at Bristol

Biggest college game ever – 156,990!

VOLS prevailed over Virginia Tech 45-24. 

It was hot, we walked a lot, both bands were great. Sassy, well-fed gals behind us kept up running commentary – but Southern girls do know football. Loved seeing Lee Greenwood sing “Proud to be an American.”  BTW, that Hokie band actually played “Do the Hokey Pokey.”

“Rocky Top Tennessee” – best game song ever!



One Comment on “The Battle at Bristol

  1. My Sister is a grad of VA Tech so I was rooting for them. I guess the Vols had to make a stand by beating Tech so badly in order to reconcile themselves to the fact that ASU almost beat them…just saying.
    With all due respect-
    Leanne Snyder
    Go Mountaineers!

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