Off-road in America: The House of Mugs

The House of Mugs, located in Collettsville, NC

If you enjoy the quirky side of Americana you will love the House of Mugs (aka The Collettsville Cup House). Located in Collettsville in rural western North Carolina, near the Wilson Creek Recreation Area, about 12 miles from Lenoir. The house is a testament to something – I’m just not sure what.

The House of Mugs, located in Collettsville, NCIt’s estimated there are 25,000 mugs covering the house, fence, and arch; feel free to bring one along to add to the collection. It’s free and there is a guest book to sign. We didn’t see anyone around when we visited and it doesn’t look like anyone actually lives there. It’s a really nice country drive and we crossed at least three single-lane bridges until we reached the lovely setting along a pretty riverbank.

This is a perfect opportunity to give a shout-out to one of my very favorite Apps:  The House of Mugs is most definitely included and typical of the type of quirky off-beat sites and info you will find. The US and Canada are divided into seven regions and you can search near your current location or put in a route and see what’s along the way. The first region used to be free but is now $2.99 and the entire US/Canada access is $6.99. If you like to take road trips (or are forced to take them) trust me when I tell you this App is a bargain. It’s the cheapest entertainment you will ever find.The author at The House of Mugs, in Collettsville, NC

Part of our travel goals have been to see more of these great United States and this App has provided much entertainment and diversion when we’ve been driving long routes or through areas for the first time.  You might think the drive is boring – but just imagine if you knew what was just off the next exit or just out of sight a turn away.

The House of Mugs is located on Old Johns River Road, Collettsville, NC  28611.   It’s on the Johns River and a portion of the road is unpaved, but don’t give up, keep going, you won’t miss it.

About KFBuchsbaum

A lover of words, learning something new every day, exploring new places, and meeting people from different cultures is what feeds my spirit. One significant thing I learned from my years in market research is that time away from an experience dilutes the memories.  You lose the highs and lows and end up with middle-of-the-road impressions.  The reason I started to blog, was to capture experiences real-time, in the moment.  I hope my moments help you relive some of your own great adventures or maybe plan some new.

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  1. Oh Karen! I just loved this post about the mug house!! So colorful and happy and totally unique! You always find the coolest “treasures” on your road trips! Love your curiosity…its just one of your many “treasures!” 🥰🥰



  2. Oh, I could definitely contribute! A few years ago, we could have made a significant contribution!


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