Maximizing Luxury Travel


It’s great to take road trips around the USA and look for the quirky and unusual. I often rely on the app RoadsideAmerica to keep us entertained with trivia-Americana and alerts to unusual finds along the way. Even on those long roads to nowhere, it’s amazing what secrets are hidden off the next exit or slightly off the beaten path.  Here are a couple of my favorite surprises. The Corn Palace |… Read More

If you enjoy the quirky side of Americana you will love the House of Mugs (aka The Collettsville Cup House). Located in Collettsville in rural western North Carolina, near the Wilson Creek Recreation Area, about 12 miles from Lenoir. The house is a testament to something – I’m just not sure what. It’s estimated there are 25,000 mugs covering the house, fence, and arch; feel free to bring one along to add… Read More

When you travel long distances by road you can be lulled into a trance, or you can check your RoadsideAmerica app and find out some back stories about where you are. It is amazing what people can think up. In Minnesota, this very northern state of 10,000 lakes, it is not surprising there are aficionados of ice fishing. What is surprising to learn, is that in the winter an average of 25,000… Read More

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