Maximizing Luxury Travel


It’s great to take road trips around the USA and look for the quirky and unusual. I often rely on the app RoadsideAmerica to keep us entertained with trivia-Americana and alerts to unusual finds along the way. Even on those long roads to nowhere, it’s amazing what secrets are hidden off the next exit or slightly off the beaten path.  Here are a couple of my favorite surprises. The Corn Palace |… Read More

  Bad Wi-Fi prevented posting last night . . . It’s been a long, jam-packed day, so I will let the pictures tell a little bit of the story. I say a little bit, because photos don’t begin to capture the grander, starkness, colors and uniqueness of the Badlands. Many of the formations look like castles or buildings enhanced by Antoni Gaudí.  The stone texture looks like poured cement, but much of… Read More

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