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Philipsburg, Saint Martin

Maho Beach, St., MartinThe highlight of our visit had to be stopping in at the Sunset Bar to watch the low-flying planes land over Maho Beach.  The local Princess Juliana International Airport has a very short runway and it starts just behind the beach.  We checked the arrival schedule earlier in the day since our goal was to see a jumbo jet, generally KLM

Flight schedule at the popular Sunset Bar on Maho Beach.

or Air France, land.  We knew the larger planes were arriving between 1:30 and 3, so we staked out a perfect spot along the beach-side edge of the bar, ordered some rum drinks and waited.  It was a blast in every sense of the word!  People on the beach also get a charge from being blown away as the jets take off, not my idea of fun.  I was just happy not to be directly under the planes. Generally, only one jumbo jet arrives each afternoon, so be sure to check the landing schedule, which you can find conveniently posted at the bar. Get there early to get a good seat and some unobstructed photos.


Time to Cool Off & Try a Singapore Sling at the Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel. Truth be told – I was so hot by the time we got into the Long Bar, I probably would’ve paid anything for a drink. We were lucky and got the only available table.  We, of course, went to have an authentic Singapore Sling. It was $22. I was so dehydrated I guzzled a Coke first. They serve an ample portion of Coke in a small carafe for a reasonable price. Peanuts in the shell are on the table; they are much smaller than our American peanuts. A full menu was available.

The Sling tasted pretty much like others I have had – although that type of fruity drink is way in my past.  First created here in 1915, the Sling is considered the national drink of Singapore. Still, it was fun to have one in the original spot and just in time since the hotel and bar were closing the next week for a major renovation. Good news, it’s now reopened for anyone else wanting a taste.

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