A Little Miami Culture with the Super Bowl

Deco feature, Wolfsonian Museum, Miami Beach.

Deco feature, Wolfsonian Museum, Miami Beach.

Hey, it’s Super Bowl time in the 305!

So, this week’s post just had to be from my home county, Miami-Dade. There’s a lot more to our county than South Beach and a football stadium, although there is certainly nothing wrong with either. If you want to see the area like a native, you need to come mainland and get into areas like Coral Gables, Brickell, Coconut Grove, Redland, and Wynwood, to name a few.

But if you must stay on the Beach, at least try to soak up a little culture. The Wolfsonian Museum is a little gem tucked into a 1927 Mediterranean Revival historic property at 10th and Washington Avenue. The museum features the eclectic collections of Micky Wolfson and currently includes wonderful exhibits on Deco, Luxury to Mass Market and Cuban Caricature and Culture.

Deco feature, Wolfsonian Museum, Miami Beach.Near the Deco exhibit, you can pick up a handy booklet “Miami Beach Deco Walk” which is a great neighborhood guide with some details of seven Deco hotels that link to items in the museum exhibit.

The Wolfsonian is run in conjunction with Florida International University and also has a lot of programs for students and faculty. Their stated mission is “explores the inventive and provocative character of the modern world. Through objects and design, we reveal how the past influences the present and shapes the future.” I can’t explain it any better than that.

At $12 for admission ($8 for seniors and students), it’s quite a bargain. Get all the details at https://wolfsonian.org/

To finish off your experience, head over to Española Way, a charming area first developed in the 1920s and now completely revitalized into a wonderful, tree-lined pedestrian street lined with cafes and shops.

If you just can’t adapt to the Miami vibe and have a relaxing outdoor meal, then you can walk a few more blocks to 1601 Drexel and grab a good meal at Miami’s new Time Out Market.   Not half as large as the one I recently visited in Lisbon, it’s still a treat.

Whatever your pleasure, enjoy.


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