Our Lifeguards in a Covid 19 World

Miami Bayfront Park, lifeguard stand.

We have a new kind of lifeguards in our altered world. The amazing people who staff our nation’s hospitals. In this week’s post, I want to thank those exceptional men and women.

 At our new ground zero are the physicians and nurses who are on the front lines fighting this battle against the coronavirus. It’s not only the doctors and nurses we need to recognize, but a few decades working in hospitals and healthcare communications also taught me plenty of behind-the-scene details.  So many others are at risk. We need to also thank the housekeeping staff who scrubs the rooms, transporters who move patients from place to place, lab techs who run tests behind the scenes, administrators who struggle with capacity, quality and logistic issues, the plant ops crew who keep facilities in working order, dietary staff cooking to feed patients and exhausted staff, respiratory therapists, radiology techs, and so many more. Each hospital is a universe all its own and let’s not forget all those contractors who work regularly in hospitals like the electrical contractors who, literally, keep the lights on and the monitors humming.

Give thanks to them all.

2 Comments on “Our Lifeguards in a Covid 19 World

  1. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in including my sons and their warriors .

  2. Such a poignant and beautiful shoutout to all the lifeguards in this world right now. I thank them, admire their strength and fortitude, respect their dedication even it means their health is in jeopardy. They are amazingly brave. And at the beginning of this Holy Week, on Palm Sunday…let us pray for them🌿🙏🌿

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