A Springtime for Reflection

IMG_7031It’s Passover and Easter and time for new life. Time for flowers to bloom. In the midst of “Safe at Home” it seems like a good time to rejoice in some natural beauty. These pictures are all favorites of mine, some from trips to far-away places and others from my two very different backyards. I hope they evoke a special memory or feeling and make you smile.

My hope is that, as a society, we will have hit a reset button and emerge to an even better way of living, being kinder to one another, and the world in which we live.

DSC_0448A.NC.Wataugua Farmer's Market.IMG_1508IMG_E6873IMG_6060Flower LupineIMG_5854Santorini - CopyDSC_0454DSC_0099DSCN3837DSCN6767OrchidA.IMG_6882A.DSC_0234 - Copy


3 Comments on “A Springtime for Reflection

  1. Beautiful….so colorful and happy and tranquil. Your photography amazing! You’re talents never cease to amaze me…
    And I also hope that we learn something from all of this – kindness for each other and for our planet.
    Thank you for this “very kind” post💐🌷🌼🌺🌸

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