Lens-Artists Photo Challenge # 105: Spring in the Mountains


In Miami’s sub-tropical weather spring is barely noticeable, that is until you hit the summer heat. Coming to the mountains in the spring is like a right of passage for us. I think my favorite sign, is the beautiful peonies that are gone way too soon.  

Other indications are sightings of baby animals (groundhogs here), the first bird nests and hatchlings, elegant blooms such as iris and clematis, and the return of hummingbirds. The featured image I selected is soft, but I like the painting-like quality of the bird in flight.


12 Comments on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge # 105: Spring in the Mountains

  1. Incredible photographs! I love the flowers. especially the Iris

  2. Beautiful spring in North Carolina, there is nothing like this beautiful time of the year.

  3. Outstanding photography, Karen! The Colorful floral blooms and the new born wild life are all part of our magical springtime here in the mountains. Thank you for capturing it all!

  4. I know just what you mean about the non-existent spring Karen. Here in SC it last about a day and a half LOL. But then summer comes and we realize there WAS a spring and we’re sad we blinked and missed it. North Carolina is a favorite getaway for many of us.

    • We have a big coastal SC contingent up here, all super-nice folks! I love the opportunity to experience the 4 seasons.

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