What to do with a Toddler During Covid-19: Feed the Ducks.


There is a little park in Banner Elk, NC that is home to dozens of ducks and geese. It’s fun to visit and feed them but be forewarned (as we were, thankfully), the geese can be aggressive! Our Baby-J stayed safely in the arms of her Daddy and although she is an expert food-thrower, only managed to drop her breadcrumbs straight down at her Father’s feet.

Just up the road (an easy walk) is the beautiful Linville River with a bridge and a great view of the water flowing over a small dam – it’s picture-perfect.



3 Comments on “What to do with a Toddler During Covid-19: Feed the Ducks.

  1. So pretty there,…however the ducks and geese are quite intimidating to toddlers!! Julia looked a bit wary and well she should be! Cute how she “preferred” to just drop the bread chunks😉
    Great pics as always🥰

  2. Had my own personal experience with aggressive geese when I was a child Glad this was an enjoyable venture. Lovely photos, as always.

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