Sunflowers have to be some of the happiest flowers.  Just seeing them has to make you smile. No matter the size or the variety, I love the way they turn to face the sun as the day progresses. We are in the Fraser Fir capital of the country and there is a Christmas tree vendor not far from me. Every fall, a few months before the trees are cut, the lot is filled with blooming sunflowers, and every year I intend to take pics.  This year I did.



14 Comments on “Sunflowers!

  1. Thanks for posting this, Karen. It brings back a lot of memories of my youth growing up in Kansas (“The Sunflower State”). I never really appreciated them until I moved away and no longer see the fields of them along with the Meadow Larks sitting on the fence posts with their beautiful songs.

    • The fields of sunflowers in the midwest are amazing! I always wanted to get out of the car and walk among those giant flowers, but thought the farmers might not appreciate it . . .

  2. You are right! Sunflowers do make me smile and I want to be around them for that very reason. 🌻

  3. I love how tall sunflowers get. They are a pretty flower, to be sure, but my favorite feature is how tall and tough the stalk is. Such a symbol of strength! Great photos! Thanks for this post!

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