A Photo a Week Challenge: October & Fall Inspiration

Fall in Banner Elk, NC.

I had a really tough time trying to decide what inspired me, which is why I am so tardy with this post (Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #115: Inspiration). Finally, I decided I’m inspired by change. Half a century ago, a famous politician said, “Change is the law of life.” I won’t name the politician because I don’t want this to be considered political. Change really is a constant factor in life, bad or good. I simply feel with all the chaos in 2020, the world is ready for something different.

Fall is a season of change and October the beginning of my favorite time of the year. I am working hard to focus on the positives this year’s global changes have brought (time to think, focus on family, a pause for the environment, reconnecting with friends . . . . you can fill in others.) I don’t want to just wait for change, this year has inspired me to make some personal changes as well.

So, on that note . . . here’s to a Happy Fall Y’all.

Fall in Linville, NC.
From our house to yours – enjoy the season.
Fall in Banner Elk, NC.
Mountaineer Garden Center, Banner Elk, NC

9 Comments on “A Photo a Week Challenge: October & Fall Inspiration

  1. I agree with you, Karen. Change is inspiring. I guess that’s why I love to travel so much. I love those fall pumpkins and colors.

  2. I love fall too. Everything is changing…the leaves, the temps, the foods we desire in the colder windy days, our clothes and even our attitudes!! Fall is in the air and in our spirits!
    Happy autumn!🍁🎃👻🍂

  3. Greetings Karen – well support helped me figure out why I couldn’t comment in the reader but at least I can now comment directly! Loved your autumn scenes, which we see none of down here on Kiawah! You reminded me how much I used to love to take my granddaughter apple picking!

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