A Photo Walk in Old Salem, NC

Old Salem, NC

Old Salem, NC

Even though it’s getting close to Halloween, don’t confuse this Salem with witches, rituals, and trials. Old Salem, NC is a historic living history museum, the site of a Moravian community of German-speaking immigrants who settled in the area in 1766. Steeped in history, the Salem Tavern once hosted George Washington while he was touring local battlefields. Usually, Old Salem is a thriving area featuring reenactments of life as it was in the 1700 and 1800s, with visitors roaming the streets moving in and out of the buildings, about 70 % of which are original. In normal times, several restaurants are open, historic shops sell deliciously sweet Moravian sugar cookies, and historic buildings house all sorts of demonstrations and exhibits.

Old Salem, NC The iconic and beautiful Moravian star.

These days the shops and sites are closed due to Covid-19, but the grounds are open to visitors.  It made a nice setting for a photo walk/drive, a pleasant diversion during our recent task-oriented visit to Winston-Salem. It was a nice contrast to my past visits and although I missed the chance to get some cookies – there is always their mail-order museum shop! Tourists might be scarce, but workers were busy with restoration work in some of the buildings as well as on the streets.

Trivia Tip of the Day: Salem was originally known as Wachovia

Salem College, Old Salem, NC Founded in 1772, Salem College was the first all-girls school in the US and the oldest women’s college in the South.
Old Salem, NC The Mickey Coffee Pot Marker was erected in 1858, originally outside a tinsmith shop. The 7′ tall pot would be able to hold 740 gallons if any giants are interested.
Old Salem, NC The Single Brothers’ House was completed in 1769 and housed the unmarried men of the community. Old Salem, NC
Restoration work never ends.

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  1. I really enjoy this beautiful, special photos. Thank you for taking us there for a walk and learn about the history. 🙂

  2. Loved this trip down memory lane (graduated from Salem.) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Indeed a fun diversion for these days of COVID close-to-home-ness 😊. Looks like a lovely little town but one wonders why the giant coffee pot!!!

  4. Made me do a little research! How fitting, “restoration”!

  5. Loved your photos and history lesson about Salem. Wondering why someone built the giant coffee pot!! And the men’s quarters is like the YMCA today!
    You always make learning so much fun! Thank you😘

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