Xmas Atmosphere

Strasbourg, France

We are on the move (driving) around the southeastern USA this holiday season and it’s the first year I have not decorated my home for the holidays. This year, it’s all up to our daughter. I think I love the decorating as much as I do everything else associated with the season, so it’s tough to give up. It’s the atmosphere I crave (thanks for the prompt, Lens-Artist #126 – A). Fortunately, my photos of past Christmas seasons offer some solace. These selections are reminders of some of my favorite seasonal memories.

Let the decorating begin!

Nuremberg, Germany
Mainz, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
Cologne, Germany

23 Comments on “Xmas Atmosphere

  1. I can see you’re craving the holiday atmosphere! I hope you enjoy the season and the holiday spirit. The Christmas markets in Germany are world-famous, but I haven’t seen them yet!

  2. Love the ornaments.
    We just finished decorating our tree.
    You are correct about trimming the tree, the old ornaments are the best.

  3. Marvelous Karen! Love the atmosphere (very creative for your response!) and your post makes me feel festive! The close-ups are my favorites.

  4. She’s in Virginia, just outside DC. The silver lining is we will be her “pod” waiting to help with a new grandbaby (and the current toddler) due after the first of the year. So we’ve taken a short term rental nearby, so they will still have their space. Let’s see how I do in cold weather.

  5. Delightful reminiscing about the decorations in the Christmas markets. So lovely to be reminded of them again. Many thanks for joining in on Friendly Friday – The challenge will begin again next year in late January. Until then, have a happy and safe Christmas.

  6. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Best wishes for the new year. Be safe. πŸ™‚

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