Christmas cards send a Message

Today’s blog is kicking off a 12-day run-up to Christmas Eve. Mostly visual, I hope you enjoy the spirit of the journey.

Every year, for more than 40, my family’s Christmas card reflected a visual involving a map or globe. Dad was a geography professor and Mom, as the family’s ‘creative director’, came up with this plan, made it happen, and kept it alive. In those days it was sometimes a hard job to find the perfect card, but she prevailed, with never the same card twice.  A few years ago, while helping Mom downsize from her home of many years, I found a box with one of each card, carefully dated and saved.

So many of the cards remind me of the Christmases with my family and, of course, my Father – all precious moments; lens-artists challenge #127. I decided to scan them all and create a poster for Christmas 2019. We can’t all be together for the 2020 holidays, but I can share a few of my favorites through this blog. I hope they make you smile.

19 Comments on “Christmas cards send a Message

  1. Super cool and fun to see your memorable journeys. Really enjoyed this blog, Karen. Remembering Christmases past always fills my heart.

  2. Oh my gosh Karen, these are fantastic! I just love that your mom kept and dated them, what a wonderful treasure trove of memories. Your idea of making a poster from them is PERFECT!!! I hope you’ll post an image of it when it’s ready.

  3. What a wonderful treasure – dated and all! Love, love these – here’s hoping you will post when it is ready too!

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  5. Leya, thanks so much for mentioning my Christmas card post! I am so honored. I love all things Christmas and so posting is extra-fun.

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