Countdown til Xmas Eve: Sweets & Tasty Treats

What gets you more in the holiday mood than all the delicious sweets, treats, and concoctions. My Father’s fudge was the best ever, he had a magic touch, I can’t do it justice. Just writing this – I can smell the holiday goodies baking. Chocolate, almond, gingerbread, and cinnamon . . .

Just don’t try to get me to drink any Gluhwein, eggnog, or syllabub – I’m a hot chocolate gal (a little added bourbon doesn’t hurt). What’s your favorite holiday treat?

We wore ugly sweaters while we made some to eat.
I forgot the name of these German goodies. Does anyone know?
So many treats at the Strasbourg Christmas Markets.
The Swiss really know how to do hot chocolate (in Lucerne).
Santa and his reindeer need sustenance along the way.

11 Comments on “Countdown til Xmas Eve: Sweets & Tasty Treats

  1. Delicious blog😋😋
    My mom was German and made pffeurneuse (sp) Christmas cookies. I think we just called them snowballs. One of my favorites!!
    Thanks for the delish photos


  2. I missed this one. I love the sweater cookies – so cute! I would challenge your father’s fudge with my mother’s fudge! I remember watching her make it, especially dropping the test “ball” in the water. I don’t think I have ever tried to make her fudge, but I think it was the recipe on the Hershey’s Cocoa can.

    • Dad also used to drop the ball in the water … I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to replicate. I’m willing to try again!

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