Night Garden Magic in Miami’s Tropical Paradise

Anyone in the Miami area over the holiday season should be sure to visit the Night Garden at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. A wonderful venue for kids, it’s equally magical for adults who still believe in fairytales. Fairchild at night is always a wonderful experience. There is something really special about a lush, tropical jungle at night, particularly one as perfect and diverse as this one.

The wise old Talking Tree was an instant hit when the Night Garden made its first appearance a few years ago. He’s still there, engaging with the kids (or anyone who wishes to ask a question) and captivating everyone who stops to visit. Lights of all styles show off the Garden’s beauty and sounds of the night with hints of something not-quite-real are softly heard throughout.

Among my favorite additions this year, are the seven fairy sculptures hidden throughout the Garden. When you find one and use a special app on your phone, an animated fairy appears and flies around on your phone’s screen. The app was a little unresponsive, but I eventually got it to work. The delicate, lovely fairy statuettes are appropriately representative of gardenesque imagery such as the Sun, Holly, Ivy, Dahlia, Rose, and more.

Kids and adults were enjoying the interactive light button kiosks, adding even more special effects throughout the garden, and there were a number of activities geared specifically for children. For the thirsty or hungry, no worries. Bars are scattered throughout and food trucks feature: pizza & Italian fare, ice cream, arepas, and Peruvian sandwiches. My Peruvian chicken sandwich was a bit pricy but tasty, and my husband enjoyed his baked ziti.

The Fairy Fog Bubbles greeted those arriving at the Night Garden. Here they are in action.

Try to capture a Fairy Fog Bubble and it turns to smoke. Such a spellbinding feature and a great way to enter the Night Garden. Keep going and you will be dazzled by more, including a tropical snow shower. Coupled with the beautiful weather we’ve been having in Miami, a trip to Fairchild’s Night Garden is a much-needed escape into another world.

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  1. I was so excited to see some of those glorious photos of the Fairchild Gardens light show- was so inspired- can’t wait to go- to take any willing grandkids along fir a big treat!

  2. You’ve made me wish I would be in Miami for the holiday….Great pix ! I love hearing about your trips (and seeing the sights). You are living my best life.

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