A Trip Around the World, on Our Xmas Tree

We will be visiting our daughter and her family this Christmas and I miss putting up a large fresh, fully decorated tree. I’ve made do with a much smaller artificial tree and a few special selections. I did a version of this post a couple of years ago and felt it was a good fit for Tina’s Lens-Artists Challenge #178 – You Choose. Seeing even a few of my “ornaments” always makes me smile.

When I travel, I’m not much of a shopper, preferring to spend as much time as possible exploring.  What I bring back from travel is memories, and I record those with my pictures, photo books, and blog posts. But on each trip, in every location, I do buy at least one thing, something to hang on our Christmas tree. I prefer it not be an actual ornament and try to find something specific to the place or experience. Once back home, I write the year and location on each. It may not be the most beautiful tree, but it is uniquely ours. Decorating our tree is a trip all its own . . . down memory lane.

Can you match the location with the ornament? Alaska & Hawaii, Amazon, Australia, Barcelona, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Galapagos, India, Kentucky, Nepal, Netherlands, Salzburg, Santiago de Compostela, Tangiers, Turkey, USA/ Maine & Oregon coast.

18 Comments on “A Trip Around the World, on Our Xmas Tree

  1. You are quite a lady, interesting and exciting about everything. I love being with you and listening to your travels! Merry Christmas to our favorite people. Hugs, Ann and Bob

  2. Nothing better than and interesting tree full of memories! Love it!

  3. There’s a couple giveaways. I’d guess the bag that says Croatia on it is probably from Croatia. And the thingy with the star and crescent is from Turkey. Other than that, I’d guess the butterfly is from Costa Rica, the bird from the Galapagos and the fuzzy item on the bottom right is Australian.

    • Wasn’t sure anyone would ID Turkey, but you did! And my fuzzy little Koala is Australian. But the butterfly is from the Amazon and the bird from Costa Rica, those are tricky, since they could easily be switched. The sea lion is from the Galapagos.

  4. We are in a similar situation Karen and have been for years. Because my brothers all have little ones (now grandchildren) we are always away from home for Christmas so we have a small, fake tree. I truly miss the big, fragrant real tree but not when it comes to putting away the holiday LOL. Loved your traveling ornament memories, that’s a wonderful idea. And it appears people are enjoying your game! Terrific response to our choice this week.

  5. Putting up the tree is also a trip down memory lane for me. But the trees are smaller and I have way too many ornaments so I have to be selective. I have crocheted stockings from my mother, home made ornaments from my sister, ornaments from Tom’s mother (OLD), ornaments from our travels and ornaments that were gifts from friends. I put on my favorite Christmas album and enjoy the time. Love your share!

  6. Lovely idea! We have only old ornaments from our parents’ and grandparents’ – and some the children made when they were small. Thank you for a fun post!

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