Fall Farewell

I love fall. And it was a glorious season in the North Carolina High Country this year. But as the leaves blow off the trees and Stone Crab season opens in Miami – it’s time to head south. I will leave you with a few of my favorite scenes from the last few weeks.

The grandkids loved the pumpkins and seeing Fannie Mae, a bear at Grandfather Mountain, but they were most content just kicking leaves down the drive, baking Halloween treats, and throwing bread crumbs for the birds.

20 Comments on “Fall Farewell

  1. Sure will miss you both! Was a beautiful fall and the season went way too fast!

  2. Loved reading about and seeing the glorious wonders of Fall, including the glorious wonders of adorable wide eyed grandchildren!

  3. Great photos. Possible snow inthe next couple of days. You are spot on leaving for the stone crabs!

  4. Karen,
    Thank you for such lovely photos of fall in North Carolina and adorable grandkids!

  5. Glad I finally saw this. You ended up in my junk mail! Love the photos as always. Hmmmm a lot of orange… why could that be?

  6. Glad I finally saw this. Love the beautiful photos as always. Hmmm a lot of orange… why could that be…???

  7. Great pictures, we just got back from NC. Davidson, Asheville, Chapel Hill ,Durham. Beautiful fall this year!

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