Hidden Coral Gables, Florida

Kicking off the holidays with Thanksgiving here in the US is always a time for reflection. Taking stock of the positive forces in our lives and focusing on the good. I have much to be grateful for, including living in such beautiful and interesting places.

“Miami” is well known and most often used to describe our area, but it really defines a composite of wonderful and culturally diverse neighborhoods. For most of the year, mine is beautiful, historic Coral Gables.

Sometimes we have to just look around our own neighborhoods to find hidden treasures. To me, some of the most fascinating are places we pass every day and just don’t give a second thought. It can be hard to slow down, take a breath, and see your surroundings with fresh eyes. With that thought in mind, I shared a few overlooked “sights” in a recent article published in Coral Gables Magazine. For my local readers who may have missed it, I hope it helps you find History Hidden in Plain “Site.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

11 Comments on “Hidden Coral Gables, Florida

  1. I loved the blog. I was picturing where they are located! I especially enjoyed the cemetery. My friends and I used to ride our bikes over there. It was in pretty bad shape. I heard they have tours from time to time?

  2. So happy to see that you have had some time to return to your blog. I will take a look at the linked article. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Our friendship and the fellowship of our other fellow Villagers is one thing I am Thankful for.

  3. This was a great article, Karen! It’s amazing what we can see if we just open our eyes and pay attention. I love that Coral Gables is refurbishing its historic markers. Now I need to see what’s around my home.

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