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We left China a week ago for a brief visit to NYC before returning home. It’s been time enough to recover from some jet lag and a bit of a cold that hit the last day of the trip. And time for a little reflection about our incredible experience. China is an amazing country – it’s huge, with so many people, and there are so many contrasts it’s hard to reconcile them… Read More

We are closing in on the end of our fabulous trip.  Today we beat the rain one last time as we headed for the top of Victoria Peak – it was a very cloudy view of the Harbour, but beautiful nonetheless. We saw the many monuments to success that drive the thriving Hong Kong financial community located on Hong Kong Island, as well as a few other famous streets and landmarks. Port… Read More

Victoria Harbour skyline view of Hong Kong Island, just before the 8PM light show.

I forgot to mention we finally had rain last night.  But our bartender at the hotel had given his word it would not rain during the day – and fortunately his forecast was right-on.  It stayed cloudy, but warmed up a bit and it was a great day for continuing our sightseeing in Shanghai. Earlier in the trip, I talked about the smells of Beijing, but there is also a fairly pervasive,… Read More

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