Maximizing Luxury Travel


I forgot to mention we finally had rain last night.  But our bartender at the hotel had given his word it would not rain during the day – and fortunately his forecast was right-on.  It stayed cloudy, but warmed up a bit and it was a great day for continuing our sightseeing in Shanghai. Earlier in the trip, I talked about the smells of Beijing, but there is also a fairly pervasive,… Read More

Shanghai is an absolutely beautiful city, but sometimes it seems almost too perfect.  I have a feeling in the back of my mind this is some sort of utopian Sci-Fi city, a movie set, Disneyesque – or even the fictional “Capital” of the country of Panem in The Hunger Games. Basically, it’s a city that has been built from the ground up in the last 20 years.  So everything is new, and… Read More

We began this day with a 1 AM call from our daughter back in NYC – telling us there had been an earthquake in Chengdu.  We are a few hours away from there and thankfully have not been impacted by this deadly quake.  Chengdu is where the famous Chinese Panda Preserve is located, and a popular spot to visit.  News reports indicate the Pandas are OK; it was only about five years… Read More

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