Maximizing Luxury Travel


We began this day with a 1 AM call from our daughter back in NYC – telling us there had been an earthquake in Chengdu.  We are a few hours away from there and thankfully have not been impacted by this deadly quake.  Chengdu is where the famous Chinese Panda Preserve is located, and a popular spot to visit.  News reports indicate the Pandas are OK; it was only about five years… Read More

Today we really got the feel of the Yangtze River area.  On the top deck at 7 AM, we were outside for the entry into the Qutang Xia (Gorge).  The weather has returned to being quite chilly, and we have a brisk wind blowing today.  This is the shortest of the gorges, but maybe the most famous, since an image of its Kui Gate appears on the Chinese ¥10 RMB note; it… Read More

We are spending the next three days on the M.S. Yangtze Explorer, reputed to be the most luxurious ship on the river.  The 124 passenger ship is home to our group as well as A&K, Nat Geo and a few independent travelers. It is nice and very comfortable, our cabin having 333 sq. ft, a king bed and a balcony. Wi-fi is slow and intermittent, but we do have CNN, and can… Read More

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