Maximizing Luxury Travel


You can’t drive through the green, pastoral country roads of Western North Carolina without seeing barns. It’s always fun to see a barn. Barns of all types and styles.  Barns mostly in a state of disrepair. Barns that aren’t going to be in existence for the next generation to enjoy. I can’t imagine these mountain landscapes without barns. The Appalachian Barn Alliance was created to preserve the memories of these barns and… Read More

What do you give the guy who pretty much has everything?  An experience of a lifetime. My husband is a train-fanatic and for Father’s Day our daughter and I gave him a chance to be “At the Throttle” of the powerful, iconic 611 steam engine. The massive engine is visiting the North Carolina Transportation Museum, on loan for a couple of weeks from the Virginia Museum of Transportation. The Norfolk and Western,… Read More

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