Maximizing Luxury Travel


I decided today would be ‘KFB’s Highlight Tour of Salzburg’s Old Town’, which is nestled in between the River and Mönchsberg mountain. My commentary started off at Mozartplatz near the statue of Mozart, and took in the horse-drawn carriages, pink Church of St. Michael and Dom cathedral; moved through the Residenzplazt with its beautiful horse fountain; then on to the Kapielplatz and the 18th century horse bath, giant chessboard, golden orb with… Read More

OK, now we’re warm . . . . not Florida warm, but nevertheless in need of peeling off layers of clothes. We did not have rain today thankfully, despite the predictions, not one drop; although it was very cloudy on and off. We started our day at the Old Town Hall and mingled with the crowds from around the world gathered to watch the Astronomical Clock strike the noon hour. Bells chimed,… Read More

55 ~ all day. Drizzling off and on. Gray skies prevail. But, in spite of it all – we love this city! I knew Prague would be amazing, and frankly I wanted to see Budapest first because I figured if we visited Budapest after Prague it would be a disappointment (and I was right). Today, because the weather forecast was so dismal, we amended our original plans and decided to take a… Read More

After breakfast we were back to the Keleti station for our trip to Prague. Once again, ticket validation went smoothly and a helpful porter made getting on the train very easy. This train was what we were expecting – individual first class compartments and a real dining car; just like the ‘old’ days. We shared our compartment with a lone, very pleasant traveler from Toronto. The scenery was lovely, pastoral farms, green… Read More